Our Story.

We are a bunch of people passionate about animals, we are pet parents ourselves and also have spent time working in animal welfare.

We came together because we needed to solve a personal problem. We struggled to find a way to travel, run vet visits when necessary and do the needful, with our extremely busy schedules. We often couldn’t find the time to be there for our pets when they needed us the most.

We spend hours and hours wondering how we can give our pets the love, care and attention they deserve, even when we had to go away. That’s when it clicked, what we had to do was find other people who love pets as much as we do and let them take care of them.

Now the question was how do we find these people?! 


We spoke to friends, friends of friends, their wives, and the husbands of other friends, and realized we finally cracked it. We found families, retirees, couples, bachelors and college students who absolutely adored animals but couldn’t take on the responsibility of a pet full time.


We spoke to them, gave them a bit of training, and assured them that we’ll be here every step of the way. Then we spoke to our favorite veterinary doctors and got them on board as consultants.

Hence, PCG was born.

Meet The Team

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Kumkuma Jacob


Passionate pooch parent, ACCA affiliate with an accounting background and has a passion for modeling, currently working on expanding the operations of Pet Care Gurus.

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Liz Rhea Thomas


Animal welfare advocate. Actively volunteers for organisations and independently across Kochi.

She has over 5 years of experience in the global tech space, and was working as a cyber security specialist.

Pet Care Gurus is the perfect marriage of both her passions and she is looking to automate operations.