Hi! We're The Pet Care Gurus


Providing Cuddles and Care for your pets!

Arjun started Pet Care Gurus because he had to travel quite a bit for his Mentalism shows and found it difficult to get someone to take care of his fluffy-babies when he was away. Arjun wanted to make sure that whoever took care of his pets looked after them just like he did. He didn’t like normal boarding centers because they keep all their animals together in closed, confined spaces, and he didn’t want his pets to be neglected.


Finding no alternative, Arjun decided to start his own!

Let us Pamper your Pet while you're away!

With years of experience with animal welfare organization, we know how to provide the best possible care for your pets. We're not just a boarding for your pets, we adopt them while you're gone! Whether it’s a business meeting, a family picnic, or a weekend trip with your friends, you can rest assured, because we’ll make sure that it’s a fun and tension free holiday for both you and your pets!

We’ll give your fluffy babies open spaces, individual attention, and all the cuddles they need to stay happy while you’re away. All our Pet-Gurus are passionate pet-lovers who have been thoroughly vetted and trained to take care of all animals. They have all gone through rigorous training processes and safety checks. Our Pet-Care Spaces have been carefully scrutinized and pet-proofed so that your pet has a safe and healthy environment to play in. We pride ourselves on the high standards of care and services that we offer.

You can always reach out to Arjun at +9160912308 for any queries you might have.